Above all, an ancestral art of living, massage helps letting go ...


Our masseuses, offer you a real time of relaxing break of relaxation and letting go. They will know how to adapt the massage according to your needs: stimulating or relaxing. The “Well-being” massage is a real “Art of living”. It is a gentle and deep massage, promoting physical and emotional well-being. It is performed directly on the skin with an organic oil base supplemented with essential oils.

Enjoy massages alone or in pairs, with friends or as a couple.

Relaxation area in an oriental, calm and soothing atmosphere. This moment of relaxation is dedicated to your well-being. On the body and mind relaxation program to allow you to let go, take care of yourself, release tension, get rid of all stress … a journey inside yourself …


Wellness Massage

Wellness Massage

Wellness Massage (as a duo)

Foot reflexology



30 min

60 min

45 min

45 min


35 €

65 €

60 €

20 €


per person

per person

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per person

1 or 2 persons

This invigorating massage of the entire body, with essential oils adapted to each case, regenerates the muscles and softens the skin. Soft, reassuring but also intense to release tension, this massage, consisting of long, fluid movements from the head to the extremities, envelops you and rocks you. The more you surrender to the experience, the more you open yourself to what Californian Massage describes as “touching the heart”. Mental tension gives way to letting go, and relaxation takes on its full meaning.